Steelman Partners

Balance is Essential

It has been said that a company's culture is the context for all that happens there. Steelman Partners believes that finding the balance between hard-work and having fun is essential in keeping people dedicated and connected to themselves and their jobs.

From parties to pot lucks, weekend hikes to company contests, and anything and everything in-between... The Steelman Partners team knows how to enjoy the opportunities that their work lives provide. With a group full of creatives and hospitality enthusiasts - every activity raises the bar of what's possible.

Devoted and passionate about the designs being created, these outlets provide great opportunities to exercise both brains and bodies in various arenas. Everybody's energized and excited about the individual roles they play and their contributions toward the overall success of the company.
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Steelman Partners has been ranked the 37th largest architectural firm in the world by Building Design Magazine (January 2010) and the 56th largest architectural firm by Architectural Record Magazine (June 2011). Created in 1987,
this successful firm specializes in designing profitable entertainment based projects.

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