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BIM Manager

Las Vegas, NV

Steelman Partners |    10 Years Experience Required

Job Requirements
  • Daily BIM Model Management
  • Revit Training to employees
  • Create an efficient Revit workflow
  • Take ownership of the drawing process and the productions standards
  • Content Development (Families, Modeling, and Details)
  • Develop a BIM plan (initial project setup and workflow) at the start of every project.
  • Coordinate with consultants and in-studio disciplines. Consultant coordination needs to be considered in our initial workflow plan
  • Assist with technical support with BIM and AutoCAD
  • Create standards, processes and procedures and monitor that they are followed
  • Verbal and communication skills
  • Problem-solving capabilities, prioritization, organization and follow through
  • Agility and flexibility. Must be a team player that can handle multiple tasks

Required Experience
  • Highly skilled in Revit
  • Highly skilled in AutoCAD
  • Knowledge of BIM360
  • Knowledge of Bluebeam

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