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Senior Lighting Designer

Macau, SAR China

Shop12 |    7+ Years Experience Required

Senior Lighting Designer shall have a minimum of seven years of experience in architectural lighting design. Qualified candidates must be self-motivated and have a strong sense of detail, knowledge of lighting equipment, and have demonstrated experience in managing projects and leading design decisions.

Applicant must be capable of managing multiple project-related tasks simultaneously and coordinate effectively with clients, manufacturers, and other consultants on large scale projects. Experience in Casino, Hospitality, and Themed Entertainment lighting is preferred. Proficiency in AutoCAD (2010), AGI32, Photoshop, and MS Office applications are required. Candidate must have strong verbal and written communication skills.

A professional degree in Architectural Engineering with a Lighting Emphasis and/or Theatrical Lighting is preferred. Candidates with a professional degree in Architecture, Interior Design, or Electrical Engineering will also be considered.
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