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Interior Architectural Coordinator

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Steelman Partners |    5-10 Years Experience Required

Steelman Partners, internationally known Architectural design firm, is accepting CV’s from qualified interested professionals for the role of Interior Architect.

Job Responsibilities
  • Day-to-day client contact for major client’s operations team

  • Team design leader responsible for meeting with client to determine design intent and operational requirements

  • Assist Senior Architect with assigning tasks and overseeing the daily work flow of the project team, particularly from a design perspective

  • Important collaboration role with Las Vegas design team

The successful candidate will have:
  • 5-10 years relevant experience in the gaming and/or hospitality design field

  • Excellent construction administration skills

  • Strong written, verbal and quantitative communication skills

  • Fluent in English

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Position Status

We are currently reviewing all applications received for this position.
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