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Junior Brand Designer

Las Vegas, NV

Marqi |    1-3 years Experience Required

MARQI Branding Studio is seeking inspired individuals with creative fire.

Brand Designers should have one to three years of experience in branding and identity design and must be able to work well under tight deadlines. Qualified candidates will have strong Adobe CS & CAD knowledge and should be creative, self-motivated, detail-oriented, and team players.

Applicant will provide visual and technical support to the branding team in creating overall presentations and big picture graphics that tell a unified and coherent story.
  • A professional degree in visual communication and/or graphic design is preferred.
  • A degree in architecture, interior design, production design, or marketing may be considered.
  • Strong visual, research, written, listening, and communication skills are required.
  • Experience in hospitality and themed entertainment is welcome.
  • Chinese fluency is a plus.

MARQI Branding Studio is an international branding studio focused on identifying the energy and identity behind every project. We specialize in creating universal stories that make an experience memorable. Naming, branding, storytelling, and visual communication provide the catalyst for innovative concepts, unique services, signature products, themed environments, and iconic architecture. A subsidiary of Steelman Partners, we offer competitive compensation, 401K, health and dental benefits (and bagels on Wednesdays, yum.)

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