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Paul Steelman Design Group Announces Opening of Sands Macau's Newest Addition

February 11, 2005
Las Vegas glitz and glamour set the stage for the newest gaming inner sanctum at the wildly successful Sands Macau. The lush Pearl Room draws it name from the natural environment - the ocean and the prize that is found deep within it - the pearl. Paul Steelman Design Group used the pearl and its high regard in the Asian culture coupled with the number eight as a mark of good fortune and luck to create this inner space that reinforces patron's chances to beat the house.

Shimmering waves of colors are projected behind pearl curtains; the graceful transition in and out has the feel of elegant silk behind the hanging jewels and creates a chameleon environment. Water references are reinforced and even the ceiling breaths with cut out soffits lit by azure light. Throughout the interior is the number eight - the number that represents luck in the Asian culture. Together, these two symbols represent perfection, affluence, and good fortune.

To create this ideal interior solution for the Asian market, extensive focus groups took place. The resulting surveys established the desire for "an international experience" and more "Las Vegas" glitz. Paul Steelman Design Group married together East meets west and the union is pure perfection.

The14, 000 sq. ft. room offers patrons 40 new gaming tables and 180 new slot machines bringing the property total to 300 plus tables and nearly 700 slots. This meticulously planned space continues to raise the bar that the opening of the Sands Macau established in providing an unforgettable gaming experience.
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Steelman Partners is continuously ranked as one of the largest architectural firms by Architectural Record Magazine and on Engineering News-Record's Top 500 Design Firm list. Created in 1987, this successful firm specializes in designing profitable entertainment based projects.

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